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Safety Information offer our customers the biggest choice, best prices and a commitment to safety. Its is important that you only launch Sky Lanterns in a large clear space away from trees, power lines and buildings. Do not use Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport.

Here at we want to promote the safe use of Sky Lanterns and help you to enjoy using your Sky Lanterns. Please read our 10 point check and these safety instructions thoroughly before you begin using your Sky Lanterns.

When taking into consideration these stated guidelines and following these safety instructions, Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe and a truly beautiful sight when released.

10 point Safety Check before Launching Sky Lanterns

1. Ensure that there is no or very light winds - when launching Sky Lanterns. 
2. Only launch Sky Lanterns in a large clear space away from trees, powerlines and buildings. Do not use Sky Lanterns within 5 miles of an airport. 
3. If there are light winds, ensure that when launching your sky lanterns their flight path is free of buildings, trees, airports, roads or any area they may pose a danger. 
4. Ensure that all spectators stand upwind of the people launching the Sky Lanterns.
5. It is advisable to have a bucket of water or sand close by in case of emergency. 
6. Sky Lanterns are not a toy. Sky Lanterns should only be launched by a responsible Adult.
7. Do not use during prolonged periods of dry weather.
8. Do not launch torn or damaged Sky Lanterns.
9. Do not Launch Sky Lanterns in areas were the glow could be misinterpreted as a distress signal.
10. Read all safety instructions (Supplied with each order) carefully before launching your Sky Lanterns